Remember who you are

Did you ever, ask yourself who I’m?
Who are you? Can you answer me?
The pop culture that we living now is extremely shallow
don’t be unconscious all day, on your phone, snapchat, texting
Don’t we live now in a bit of a very shallow world?
Current Pop culture is extremely shallow And we’re just asking the world to get deep
How the world can get deep if you are not here you are not trying even
You are wasting your time! yes you are
Spending days just doing something that you don’t like! You have a lot to offer more than my social image I don’t like being used to make people money, Are you?
I feel sad when I’m overworked, Are you?
and after all of that you just become a money making machine and your passion and your creativity take a back seat That makes me unhappy, What about you!
So what I did
I started to say NO
I’m not doing that
I don’t wanna do that
I’m not going to that event
I’m not going to buy that car
I’m not standing by that
I want to do 1 2 3!
And slowly but surely
I remember who I am
And then you go home and you look in the mirror
And you are like Yes!!
I can go to bed with you every night
Remember who you are


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