Glossary: What is an Ideology?

What is an Ideology? according to ‘Mass Communication In Canada’ book. Ideology is a coherent set of social values, beliefs, and meanings; in the Marxist term, it is a critical concept that refers particularly to dominant or ruling class values, beliefs, and meanings – what came to be called the dominant ideology.

In other words, ideology is our most closely held set of values and feelings, and it is the way how we see everything and everybody, how we think about ourselves and community. It makes our beliefs natural and true. one of the main things part of the ideology is religion and religious belief affects a person’s views. Some ideologies are very simple and some are quite detailed.

Ideology everywhere we can see it starting from how the high class and working class working together to how people think about themselves to how the economic situation in the world all of these Ideology is behind.


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