Glossary: Semiotic analysis

What is semiotic analysis? according to ‘Mass Communication In Canada’ book. Semiotic analysis is the study of signs and sign systems and the ways in which they create meaning. and based on the sign (signifier-signified), a semiotic analysis distinguishes between two levels of meaning: the denotative and the connotative.

In other words, semiotic analysis is talking about what is obvious for the audiance which is mean denotative meaning, and what is hidden or less obvious which is connotative meaning. semiotic helps us to ask two question what is this media text means and so what.

Every day we are engaging with media text and we always think what is this picture, show, or any media text means, but fewer people asking so what or what is this mean.

One of the examples when a lot of people talked about the executive order in America but few people think about why this happened and why now.


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