Glossary: What is advertising?

What is advertising? According to ‘Mass Communication In Canada’ book. Advertising is media content designed to promote broad awareness of a product, service, program, or organization. Typically, media space or time is purchased for advertising, and it thus serves as an important revenue source for media companies. However, advertising can also appear in unconventional, non-media spaces – such as bathroom walls and the floors of subway stations, or anywhere that it can attract attention.

In other words, advertising is a tool to amplify the brand or product voice and convince people to get involved with our identity. Advertising toady can be seen anywhere indoor and outdoor. Most of the time advertising part of the marketing plan or department. Also, Many small companies and products have been made large by the right advertising.

There are many examples of advertising, we can see ads radio ads, TV ads, outdoor and indoor, and so on.



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