Glossary: What is convergence?

What is convergence? According to ‘Mass Communication In Canada’ book. Convergence is bringing together once separate communication technologies, such as telephone, broadcasting, computers, and sound and video recording, into one technological platform (e.g., the internet). The key to this technological convergence is the digitization of media content such that is can be translated into a common format. Similarly, the concentration of ownership is sometimes referred to as corporate convergence, as media companies combine the resources and content of two or more different media properties to realize cost saving in content production and cross-promotional opportunities.

Convergence is a collaboration between at least two components to create another product or service. Technological convergence influencing consumers to accept new technologies like smart TV, smart products in general. Most common examples of convergence are taking pictures with a cell phone combines the functionality of a camera and a telephone, and surfing the web on a television and so on.



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