Media Analysis – ‘WE THE PEOPLE’ Campaign

“One picture is worth a thousand words” (, 2017). This quotation indicates that ‘there are different meanings for one picture’. After seeing any picture, you might ask yourself, what is this picture telling me? “One picture is worth a thousand words”. That’s true, but only if we look and think about the underlying meaning. When… Continue reading Media Analysis – ‘WE THE PEOPLE’ Campaign

Glossary: What is mobility?

What is mobility? According to ‘Mass Communication In Canada’ book. mobility is A characteristic that refers to the relative portability or transportability of people, cultural products, investment capital, organizations, etc. When we are talking about mobility we are talking about globalization because globalization refers to the increased mobility of people, capital, information, and so on.… Continue reading Glossary: What is mobility?

Glossary: What is advertising?

What is advertising? According to ‘Mass Communication In Canada’ book. Advertising is media content designed to promote broad awareness of a product, service, program, or organization. Typically, media space or time is purchased for advertising, and it thus serves as an important revenue source for media companies. However, advertising can also appear in unconventional, non-media… Continue reading Glossary: What is advertising?

Glossary: What is convergence?

What is convergence? According to ‘Mass Communication In Canada’ book. Convergence is bringing together once separate communication technologies, such as telephone, broadcasting, computers, and sound and video recording, into one technological platform (e.g., the internet). The key to this technological convergence is the digitization of media content such that is can be translated into a… Continue reading Glossary: What is convergence?

Glossary: What is globalization?

What is globalization? According to ‘Mass Communication In Canada’ book. Globalization is the processes by which social, political, and economic relations extend further than ever before, with greater frequency, immediacy, and facility. In other words, globalization is an ongoing process of integration and world influence of culture, economics, and political. And the process when businesses… Continue reading Glossary: What is globalization?